Upon the dispatch of your trailer, complete with its precise primary specifications (Model, GVWR, size, and accessories), and devoid of any material defects or damage, your acceptance is deemed finalized. Should you perceive any discrepancies or deviations from these conditions, we urge you to contact us immediately at (808) 400-8118. We kindly request that you refrain from driving the trailer away from the Port or delivery location until any identified issues have been fully addressed and resolved.

To streamline the resolution process, we encourage you to email a detailed description of the issue(s), along with any relevant photographs, to info@ponotrailers.com. Pono Trailers is committed to resolving all reported issues in a manner that is mutually satisfactory, thereby ensuring the successful completion of your delivery. The resolution may involve a full refund and return of the trailer, expedited shipment of missing accessories, touch-up paint, or similar remedies.

In instances where the primary specifications, defects, or damage necessitate a return, Pono Trailers will ensure a full refund of your trailer's purchase price within 7 business days.

Regarding cancellations, once you have made the final payment for your order, we will commence the coordination of your trailer delivery. At this juncture, you acknowledge that any paid Order Fee, Deposit, and Transportation fee are rightfully earned by Pono Trailers. In the event of an order cancellation on your part, or a breach of our Agreement leading to us cancelling your order, you agree that we are entitled to retain the Deposit and Transportation Fee as liquidated damages, unless otherwise prohibited by law. You recognize that the Deposit and Transportation Fee are a fair and reasonable approximation of the actual damages we may incur in the process of transporting, remarketing, and reselling the trailer, costs which are otherwise impracticable or extremely difficult to determine.

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