Welcome to the seamless and effortless experience of receiving your new galvanized trailer from Pono Trailers. As your trailer progresses through each of our meticulous multi-step process, we ensure you are kept in the loop with automatic notifications.

Your journey begins with a Refundable Reservation Deposit, offering you the flexibility to cancel your reservation anytime before the final invoice payment. Once your reservation is confirmed, your trailer is integrated into our production system, assigned a unique manufacturing identifier (RMX Number), and queued for production. At this stage, your trailer's upgrades, add-ons, and color selection are finalized.

As your trailer takes the lead in the manufacturing queue, it is assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). An invoice is then dispatched, and upon receipt of payment, your trailer is propelled into production. Please note, for trailers that are not funded, the reservation will be paused and the Refundable Reservation Deposit will be returned.

Our design team then employs Computer Aided Design to create detailed 2D drawings of your trailer, aligning with your reservation specifications. A 3D model with your VIN is also created and stored online for future reference, should you need to order parts.

The design is then transferred to a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) plasma laser cutting system, where each part of your trailer is precisely cut. These parts are then handed over to our master welders who specialize in your model trailer for initial assembly and welding.

Your trailer then undergoes a thorough Degrease and Acid Wash process, involving a series of acid, solution, and degreasers to remove any grease, oil, and dirt. This ensures a clean surface and promotes coating adherence.

The Hot-Dip Galvanizing process follows, where your trailer is immersed in a molten vat of +400C liquified zinc until the trailer's temperature equals that of the zinc, a process that takes 15-30 minutes.

In the Final Assembly & Quality Assurance stage, your trailer is equipped with all necessary components, upgrades, add-ons, and DOT safety features. It is then inspected to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and applicable Government regulations.

Once ready, your trailer is prepared for shipping and loaded onto the next available semi-truck for transit. Upon arrival at your destination city, your Pono Ambassador will certify your trailer, checking everything from lug nuts torque to brake and lighting systems, verifying all components, and ensuring the trailer is properly detailed.

The final step is Customer Acceptance. When you pick up your trailer, your Pono Ambassador will guide you through the details of your trailer and answer any queries you may have. You will have ample time to confirm the trailer matches your reservation and is functioning properly.

Welcome to the Pono Trailers Ohana! We are here to assist you at (808) 400-8118.

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